Transfer Academy Application (Los Rios Community College District)

Transfer Academy

Transfer Academy is specifically for students enrolled at community colleges who wish to transfer to the University of California. 

What will you gain from Transfer Academy?

  • Understand UC calliber research by seeing our labs and hearing from our faculty and students
  • Meet with Admssions Evaluators and receive feedback on your Admissions Eligibility
  • Live in the residential halls and experience life as a UC Merced college student
  • Talk to transfer students who've made it and get their tips on how to do it yourself too!

What are the requirements to apply?

  • Enrolled at a community college 
  • Completed at least 15 units at a community college
  • Complete a Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP): Here
  • Submit your online application for Transfer Academy below.

1) Before submitting this application you must complete a UC Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP): Here

2) Collect all unoffical copies of your college transcripts to upload at the bottom of application. If you have difficulty uploading them please make sure you've incorporated all of your college coursework in your UC TAP. 

3) Download the UC Waiver of Liability Here and upload it at the bottom of this application. 


If you prefer to submit a paper application please click Here to download the application. 

For questions or more information please contact Shiela Xiong at or (209)201-5583.