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UC TIP stands for the University of California Merced's Transfer Initiative Program.Our mission is to increase the number of eligible transfer ready students in the Central California region through early transfer advising, intervention and increase of access and awareness of transfer resources and tools. UC TIP’s primary focus is to help community college bound high school seniors whose educational goals require attending a California Community College to achieve a 4-year degree from a University of California campus. Through our services, UC TIP participants can expect guidence and acess to resources needed to become successful at a California Community College and eventually transfer to a 4-year institution. 

By applying to UC TIP, students will be able to:

  • Receive updates on the transfer admission process
  • Have access to transfer resources and connections from their college campus
  • Receive updates on financial aid requirements and deadlines
  • Receive notifications about the transferring process, campus resources and college admission requirements
  • Link up to various opportunitties to join academic programs such as, Summer Up
  • Build connections with different University of California campuses