Summer Up

Program Description:

The Summer Up Program is a 6-week, Merced College MATH-C course program at UC Merced designed to help community college students be one step closer to transferring. Students participating in Summer Up will be able to complete Merced College’s MATH C-Intermediate Algebra course while gaining the resources and knowledge needed to transfer to a UC or CSU. Students will have access to MATH C Teaching Assistants and receive free lunch and parking permits every day. Upon completion of Summer Up, students will be able to enroll and begin in a transferable-level Math course at Merced College in the Fall.

Why Summer Up?

·       Speed up the transfer process and take a transferable Math course in the Fall

·       Meet one-on-one with a Transfer Admissions Advisor and receive pre-evaluation of your academic coursework—find out when you can transfer to a UC!

·       Access to a Math Teaching Assistant

·       Various enrichment workshops and presentations to help students transfer and plan for future success

·       Free parking permits and lunch every day